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Corona Covid-19

Would you like to know if you have the Corona virus?
With this new rapid test you have the answer in 15 minutes

Joysbio Antigen Rapid test for Corona is now available immediately. The new Joysbio Antigen (Ag) rapid test for Corona / Covid-19 gives a test results for the Corona virus within 15 minutes. This is a completely newly developed rapid test and has been available since September 2020. The test has a very high sensitivity and is increasingly used worldwide as a rapid test to detect the Corona virus. This is not an antibody test. The Antigen test can be taken immediately at the first complaints of fever, sore throat or cold in the nose.

Now you no longer have to wait 2 to 3 days for the test result, the results of the antigen test can be read within 15 minutes. The test result is quick and just as easy to read as a pregnancy test. The new rapid test for Corona can be used anywhere because you wont need expensive laboratory equipment to get the test result. You read the test result directly from the rapid test window.


Testkit Corona

One complete testkit contains the following items:

• 1 joysbio rapid test cassette
• 1 buffer fluid
• 1 test tube with cap
• 1 cotton nasal swab
• instructions for use and a quickguide

Rapid test for Corona at Sensitest

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Rapid test corona covid-19

Corona Covid-19

infrared thermometer

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Sneltest corona positief

Rapid test Corona Positive

On this photo you see a positive testresult of the rapid test. Two lines visible at C and T.

Sneltest Corona negatief

Rapid test Corona Negative

A negative test result of the rapid test. One line at C indicates the test has been done correctly.

Sneltest Corona positief

Rapid test Corona Positive

A positive test result on the rapid test for Corona. You can read the test result after 15 minutes.

Test afnemen neusswab

How does the test work
A little nasal mucus is removed with a cotton swab (nasal swab). Then the cotton swab with the mucus sample is held in the supplied buffer liquid for a few seconds. You put 2 drops of the buffer liquid in the test cassette. After that you read the test result within 15 minutes. The result is positive with 2 lines and the Corona virus has been found in the sample. The test has a high specificity of 99% and only responds to the Corona virus.

With 1 line, the test result is negative or the concentration is too low for the test threshold of the test. This new Antigen rapid test has a CE declaration of conformity for professional use in the European Union. In addition, this product is registered in the Dutch register for medical devices Farmatec of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (as an in vitro diagnostic device).

This product is supplied to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, midwives, care for the elderly, occupational health and safety doctors, company doctors or medical specialists.

Possible test results

After the drops with the buffer liquid and the nasal mucus have been added to the test cassette, wait 15 minutes. Then you read the test result from the window in the cassette. With 2 lines at C and T the result is positive and you have the Corona virus. With 1 line at C the result is negative. Other results are invalid.


(no vat/mws)

pack 5 pieces

Rapid test Corona  5 pieces

Complete kit with all items necessary to test 5 times.


(no vat/mws)

pack 20 pieces

Rapid test Corona 20 pieces

Complete kit with all items necessary to test 20 times.


(no vat/mws)

pack 100 pieces

Rapid test 100 pieces 

Complete kit with all items necessary to test 100 times.

  • WAITING TIME 15 MINUTES - The test can be done quickly and easily. At home, at work, at events. Wherever you want to take a quick test and want an immediate answer. is you have the Corona virus
  • QUICK ANSWER - The test result can be read from the test in 15 minutes. No expensive laboratory equipment required.
  • NO HASSLE - Sometimes it is difficult to take people to a test location for a Corona test. Think of the elderly or people with a physical or mental disability. Sometimes the distance to a test location is too great or there are long waiting times. With the new rapid test you have an immediate answer.

Answers within half an hour

"A company employee reported during lunch that he did not feel well. We immediately tested him with the corona rapid test and the test result turned out positive. After that, all employees were tested and another person was taken out who tested positive. All this within half an hour. Great that we can do this now."

Company doctor Amsterdam

Preventief testen in je bedrijf

Preventive testing for your company

More and more companies are testing people in the workplace preventively. On a #T-DAY, all employees are tested in one go to remove the corona infected people from the workfloor. This is now very well possible with the rapid test because it is easy to perform. If you would like to purchase this test for your company but you do not have a BIG registration in the Netherlands, try to purchase this test through a health and safety doctor, nurse, company doctor or other healthcare professional with BIG registration. For export orders no BIG registration is required. You should check with your national health authority if the use of the rapid test is allowed. Call for more information with +31153642121.

Antigen rapid test for Corona in the shop

Sneltest Corona

Pack 5 pieces

Pack antigen rapid tests for the Corona virus with a test result in 15 minutes.

Sneltest Corona

Pack 20 pieces

Pack antigen rapid tests for the Corona virus with a test result in 15 minutes.

Sneltest Corona

Pack 500 pieces

Pack antigen rapid tests for the Corona virus with a test result in 15 minutes.

Antigen test vs. Antibody test

The new antigen test is very similar to the previously published antibody test, but there is a big difference. The big difference is the timing of the test. The antigen test can be performed immediately. The antibody test is only possible after 14 days from the first covid-19 symptoms, because you first have to wait until the antibodies are produced by the body. The Corona antigens are present in the nose immediately at the first infection. The antigen test can be performed immediately from the first day as soon as the patient has a fever, sore throat, loss of taste or cold in the nose. This way you can detect a Corona patient within minutes with the antigen test. The great thing about the antigen test is that it was made exactly for that one Corona virus. The antigen test will not respond to similar cold viruses. As a result, it has been established with great certainty that it is the Corona virus, if the test indicates positive.

wattenstaaf 2.5 cm

The new rapid test is less painfull

The new antigen rapid test is less painful for the patient to perform. The cotton swab only needs to go about 2.5 cm into the nasal cavity. The substances to which the antigen rapid test reacts are located on the nasal conchas and are located in the front of the nasal cavity. With the supplied cotton swab, these antigenes are easily removed without getting the patient to feel vomiting or choking. The test takes place within seconds. Via the link below you can download a form with instructions on how the test is carried out.

Some questions about the
Rapid test for Corona

The antigen rapid test has a selectivity of 99.0%. The sensitivity is 88.7%. The test has a CE declaration of conformity and is registered in the Dutch register for medical devices (Farmatec). The test is very reliable and only responds to the corona virus.

Once the test has been taken, you must wait 15 minutes for the buffer fluid to run through the test. After 15 minutes, the test (just like a pregnancy test) shows 1 line for negative, and 2 lines for positive.

As soon as you have the first covid-19 related symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, running nose, loss of taste or fever, the rapid test can be taken immediately. The test works best in the first week of the symptoms.

The test is taken with a cotton swab in the nose. The cotton swab is moved approximately 2.5 cm deep along the nose cavity (conchas) with a twisting motion. That does not hurt and is not annoying. Taking the slime sample only takes a few seconds.

The new quick test for Corona is very easy to perform. It can be compared to performing a pregnancy test. In principle, every adult can do this test themselves. The minister of health in the Netherlands has yet to give the approval to make the rapid test available for home use. As long as this has not yet been done, only healthcare professionals can do the test in the Netherlands. If you live in another country this test is available without restrictions, however you should check with your national health authority if the use of a rapid test for Corona is allowed.

The test is extremely suitable for testing in a work place. As soon as an employee reports having symptoms similar to the covid-19 symptoms, the employee can be tested immediately. At the moment it is still the case that the test must be done by a healthcare professional. Think of a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, midwife, company doctor or health and safety doctor. Other rules may apply in other countries.


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